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Last Updated: Jan 01, 2012 09:46AM EST

Welcome to iwork. Your employer has made the great choice to use iwork to publish your work schedule and to improve communication within your staff team. iwork will make your work life much easier. iwork allows you to login in from any internet-enabled computer or device to view your work schedule, trade shifts, look up contact information and send notes to your co-workers.

Getting started…

To get started with iwork, you need a username and password to the iwork website. Your employer will send you an email invite which will allow you to create an account. Click the link in the email, and follow the instructions to create your account. Once you have created your account, you can go to to login. If you have not received the email invite double check with your employer to ensure they have sent it to you. If they are positive they have sent it to you, double check your junk mail/spam folders, sometimes the invite will get lost in there. Finally, if the email is not in there, please email us at and we will get to the bottom of the problem for you.

Once you are logged in…

Once you are logged in, you will be able to view the homepage. On the homepage you will find:

  • the main menu
  • a calendar of the current month (and option to change the month you are viewing)
  • announcements posted by your employer
  • important dates in the current month
  • links to other websites/resources
  • files posted by your employer

You can always get back to the homepage by clicking the “Home” button on the main menu. There are three other main areas off the main menu that you will want to familiarize yourself with:

  • My iwork
  • My Inbox
  • Team Info

We will go into each menu option in-depth below. When you are done using iwork, you will always want to click the “Logout” option on the far right.

My iwork…

Under the My iwork menu you will find four options:

  1. The My Schedule page allows you to:

    • View your personalized schedule in either calendar or list format.
    • Post shifts for other employees to pickup (otherwise known as trading shifts)
    • Split a shift into two shifts – which allows you to post only a portion of a shift for another staff member to pickup
    • Merge two shifts – if you have split a shift, you can merge the shift back together
    • You can view the total hours you are scheduled in the current month
    • You can view your total career hours (total hours you have been scheduled since you started using iwork)
    • View important notes (same as on the homepage)
    • You can view past or future schedules by changing the calendar in the upper right corner.
  2. The My Availability page allows you to:

    • Submit your hourly schedule for this month
    • Submit your day-off requests for this month
    • Submit the number of hours you’d like to work on a weekly basis this month
    • Submit any comments about your availability
    • You can adjust your availability by re-saving it as many times as you’d like until your employer locks the availability for that month.
  3. The My Details page allows you to:

    • Modify your personal information (phone number, address, birthdate, etc.)
    • Change your password
    • Select the notifications you’d like to receive in your email (iwork can alert you when you receive a new iwork note or are scheduled for a shift)
    • The only information that is displayed for other employees to see is your phone number, cell phone number, birthdate (if your employer has enabled this feature), and email. The rest of the
      information is confidential and may only be viewed by your employer.
  4. The Pickup Shifts page allows you to:

    • Pickup shifts that other employees have posted
    • Pickup shifts that your employer has posted
    • View your Plus/Minus rating. If you pickup a shift from someone worth 3 hours – your Plus/Minus rating will go up +3. If you post and give away a shift of 4 hours in length, your Plus/Minus rating will go down -4.
    • Once you pickup a shift, you will notice the shift immediately appear on your My Schedule page.

My Inbox…

Under the My Inbox menu you will find two options related to iwork notes. iwork notes allow you to send short, simple messages between members of your staff team. Unlike email, iwork notes are spam-free because only people with a login to your staff team will be able to send messages. You will notice the My Inbox menu option will turn red when you have new messages.

The View Inbox option allows you to view your inbox and read/reply/delete any new notes. The Send Message option allows you to send an iwork note to other members of your staff team. You can also choose to send messages to a quick list (other employees eligible for a specific position), or your entire staff team.

Team Info…

Under the Team Info menu you will find three options related to your staff team.

The Phone List option will allow you to view a tradition phone list, which includes phone, cell and email for each member of your staff team. You will also be able to view important numbers that your employer has listed here.

The Birthday List option will allow you to view a birthday list for all the staff on your team. This is great way to keep track of any upcoming birthday celebrations!

The Master Schedule option will allow you to view the entire work schedule. If you are wondering who you are working with, or trying to figure out when another employee is working, this is the place to look.

A couple reminders…

Don’t forget to logout whenever you are done using iwork to ensure no one else has access to your account.

Although you should always direct any work related questions to your employer, if you ever have any problems accessing iwork – don’t hesitate to email us at

We hope you enjoy using iwork!

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve iwork, please let us know!

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