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Submitting your availability

Last Updated: Jan 01, 2012 09:46AM EST

Submitting your availability on iwork is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to iwork
  2. Select the My iwork menu and then My Availability
  3. Ensure you are on the correct month (you can switch the month by changing the month/year in the upper-right hand corner).
  4. There are multiple sections to the availability form. The first section is the hourly availability. The default is that you are available for the entire time. Uncheck any times that you are not available.
  5. The second section is the days that you cannot work. Check off the dates which you cannot work at all.

    Note: Your employer may limit the number of days you can request off - you'll see an error message when trying to save your availability form if you have requested too many days off.

  6. The third section is an indication of how many hours you'd like to work.

    Remember! This is simply a request, but gives your employer an ideas if you want to work more or less hours.

  7. The last section is a comment box - this is simply an area for you to record/communicate with your employer about any special requests that you be relevant this particular month.

    Note: Your employer has the option to lock specific months availability (usually once they start working on the schedule). If you find all the boxes are greyed out on a specific month's availability, and it is indicated as locked, you will need to contact your employer to find out how they want you to submit your availability.

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