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How does the autofill work?

Last Updated: Aug 25, 2013 02:15PM EDT

What does the autofill do?

The autofill feature attempts to match up any available shifts on your schedule with the availability of eligible employees. If it finds an "available" staff member, who is eligible for a shift - it will assign that shift to them automatically. It is the fastest way to create your staffing schedule.

The autofill will never touch any shifts that have someone assigned to them (either because you manually assigned someone, or because someone was assigned through a previous autofill). This is helpful if you'd like to manually assign key staff members to certain shifts, and then just randomly assign any remaining shifts.

The autofill simply accepts a start date and end date for a period of time that you want it to run. You can run autofill as many times as you'd like for that date range (this is helpful if you have additional staff members submit availability and want to run it again to try and fill any remaining shifts).

Autofill follows some hard and fast rules:

- it will never assign two shifts to someone on the same day.

- it will never assign a shift to someone that would cause a conflict (working at the same time).

- it will never assign someone to a shift on a day they have requested off

- it will never assign a shift to someone during a time they have indicated they are unavailable

- if a staff member has exceeded the number of hours they are permitted for a position in a week, it will not assign them to that shift

- it will assign a shift to a staff member who has indicated a preference for a certain number of hours, even if they are over that preference, if they are the only staff member available.

Autofill will attempt to distribute hours as evenly as possible to your available & eligible staff.

Once you request an autofill - we will run a process within the next 15 minutes to autofill your schedule for you. We will send you an iWork note as soon as that process is completed, letting you know how many available shifts of your schedule we were able to fill.

Good questions to ask yourself if the autofill is not working as you expected:

- did I setup the eligibility of all my staff?

- have all my staff submitted their availability?

- am I expecting the autofill to assign someone to two shifts in one day? (it won't do that)

- have I tried using the who's available tool, to see the breakdown of my staff availability for that specific shift

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